Saturday, May 4, 2013

52 People Project - Gigi Ferguson Lewis

This is the second installment of my "52-People Project" where I reflect on individuals who I have had the honor to walk side by side with in this journey called life.

Gigi Ferguson Lewis

I don't exactly remember meeting Gigi. It just feels like we have always been friends. It was somewhere around 6 or 7 years old at Exciting Eastwood Baptist Elementary School where our friendship started. We later attended Metro Christian Academy together and both graduated high school from Holland Hall. I have always found it funny that she and I were drawn to each other; we are quite opposite. Gigi is petite and somewhat soft spoken. I tend to be more on the "sturdy" side and can be a bit loud. Gigi loved Hello Kitty; I liked G.I. Joe. Gigi always looked cute and her clothes matched; I would throw on the first thing I could get my hands on. In 6th grade, during the president's challenge, she held her chin-up for longer than anyone in the class. I think I help mine for 2.5 seconds. She was up there for hours...not really, but it sure seemed that way. 

At some point, in our childhood, our parents thought it was a good idea to sign us up for duet piano lessons at Trio School of Music. Before going to class, Gigi and I would go to the convenient store on the corner to get our sugar fix and fill our music bags with Jolly Ranchers. After spending a majority of our lesson trying to keep us from talking, wiggling and giggling, our poor teacher, Ms Hern probably had to slip next door to Charlie Mitchell's for a stiff drink to regain some sanity.  

One of my favorite things about my friendship with Gigi is that our sleepovers would turn into 3-4 day stretches. Whether she was staying with me or I was staying with her, we would always beg for "just one more night". I loved when I got to stay with her... especially when her mom would cook Teriyaki Chicken for dinner. Gigi and I would sleep on the hide-a-bed in the den where we would count the rings of the grandfather clock and find reasons to giggle until we fell asleep. Sometimes we would wake up before the rest of her family and we'd cook french toast and watch cartoons. Those were simple times that I loved spending with my best friend. I think I still even remember her phone number. 492-6038 if I am not mistaken. 

Although we had spent a majority of our elementary through high school years together, college took us in separate directions. Gigi met Dan and I stood by her in a hunter green dress and heels as they said their vows. Gigi stood by me a few years later for my wedding. We both later graduated from nursing school. She has 3 wonderful children and is a pastor's wife. She is probably one of the most beautiful people I know inside and out. I don't see her much these days; our paths just don't cross. When they do thought, it is as if not even a single day has passed. I love her deeply and I am thankful I got to spend so many years of my journey with such a sweet friend!

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