Saturday, October 1, 2011

Just Be

A little over 2 months ago, we got a puppy named Izzy. She has brought much change to our lives. I never imagined spending so much time in my front yard but there I sit, each day on my front step, waiting for Izzy to take care of her business. I assure you, she is never in a hurry. Most mornings begin with a brisk walk around the block to work out some of her pent up energy. This, I really enjoy! And Larry, our 8 year old rescue dog, who used to practically live under the bed has now become very very social.

I have found it interesting to watch Larry change. At the sound of the alarm, he used to just reposition himself in bed. It wouldn’t be unusual for him to sleep 2-3 more hours before slowly getting out of his bed with a long low stretch. His favorite place to spend the day was under the bed where he seemed very content and pleased to have his alone time. Although we have an upstairs, he had only been up there maybe a dozen times in the year we have lived in our home. He was just a content lazy dog who lived a life of luxury on the ground floor…..and we love him the way he is, because he is Larry!

Then came Izzy.

Now, Larry is up at 6:30am ready for whatever the day brings him. He still retreats under the bed but at the first movement toward the kitchen, he bolts out like lightening to make certain no scrap or crumb hits the floor. If anyone bends down to pet the puppy, here comes Larry. He has even managed to squeeze his body into Izzy’s bed at night leaving her no choice but to sleep on the floor or wedge herself into what little space is left (as demonstrated in the picture).

At times I find Larry’s jealousy humorous. At times I find it annoying. And at times I become keenly aware of how pathetic and silly I must look when I do the very same thing!!!

So much pain comes from jealousy. I wonder what life would be like if we just lived the life our heart longs for us to live…from a position of gratitude, never worrying or comparing ourselves with others. I can only imagine how peaceful that would feel.

Recently when I was in Colorado and we were hiking up to Alberta Falls, we came to a drop off that lead down to a roaring waterfall. The waterfall demanded my attention, but then I started looking around at everything around this landscape. It wasn’t just the waterfall that was beautiful. The rocks displayed such power as the water crashed against them. The trees created a beautiful backdrop of green. Some trees even grew almost sideways out of the mountain so they could get sunlight. They were a picture of determination and survival. And the leaves of the aspens danced to the melody of the wind. The whole landscape was absolutely beautiful…every intricate detail played a part in this masterpiece.

As absurd as this sounds, what if the rocks sat all day pouting that they were not a river or what if the trees got tired of their leaves dancing and instead wished they were sturdy rocks. A bit silly, I know. But isn’t this what we do all the time. We obsessively spend our time comparing what we have, what we look like, if we are the best at this or that. We not only just mentally compare, but often we try to be someone we are not, just to feel of value. We so easily get swept away in the game of jealously that we miss out contributing our part in the masterpiece.

So if you are a rock, be a rock. Be sturdy. Be bold. Be a secure place to stand. Just Be!
If you are a tree, dance and sway with joy. Be flexible. Be beautiful. Be a place to find shade. Just Be.
If you are a river, flow. Be glorious as you meander the landscape. Be a place to be refreshed. Just Be.
We are ALL part of this story. Every single one of us plays a part in this masterpiece.

May we each have eyes to see God…not only in the rocks and the trees and the rivers, but also in our brothers and sisters!!!